Why Twitter Is Essential in Online Marketing

By now, Twitter has become essential as a tool in online marketing, and you should immediately take steps to integrate it into your advertising strategy for your business. Powerful and effective, it can drive the best kind of traffic to your site, the kind of traffic that represents qualified hits, customers arriving for you and you alone. If you make it an integral part of your business, it will bring positive results.A robust tool, there are a number of ways Twitter can be used to advertise your products, your services, and key events and changes in your business. It will take experimentation to determine which strategies work for you, but the time invested will be well worth it as the results you seek gradually arrive. This article will focus on why Twitter is essential in online marketing and how you should get started. First things first, jumpstart your campaign by finding other tweeters that post comments similar to your needs and repost them. For example, if you specialize in custom made surfboards, find a few people that post constantly about surfing and repost their comments. Ideally, those that read your post will follow the link back to your website.Remember to keep the posts relevant to your business and keep your website content updated to provide relevant data for the search engines to index. As a successful social networking site, Twitter has become extremely popular as a means by which friends and family can interact quickly and easily with each other, but the business applications are a little trickier. You can continue your jumpstart by responding to tweets other members have posted that are relevant to your business. Join the conversation and you’ll be surprised how many followers you attract and the traffic that is driven to your website. If someone is talking about fine wine from Napa and you have a wine distributorship, make a relevant comment about the wine they’re discussing.Even without a link, members can visit your profile and click through from there. Constantly build a follower base. When someone visits your brick and mortar store, give them an invitation to follow you on Twitter. Place a flyer in every one of your bags or packages. Twitter has become extraordinarily successful not because it’s unwieldy or complex, but because it’s so simple. Everyone posting or reading is a connection to all of the rest. If you neglect this tool, your web advertising efforts won’t be accomplishing all they can. Together with search engine marketing, directed banner ads, and pay per click; Twitter is an essential tool in online marketing and without it, a great opportunity is squandered.

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