Multi Level Marketing Leads That Call You!

Have you ever bought and called expensive multi level marketing leads that had no idea how you got their phone number? Or have you pestered you’re family and friends to death about how awesome your business opportunity is and have no one left to talk to? In this article we are going to give you a step-by-step game plan on how you can get leads to call you.Let’s begin with why you never buy and call generic multi level marketing leads. When you chase after prospects you give them all the power in the conversation. You have to turn the tables around and make your leads want you more than they want you. Have you ever noticed that the top income earners in the multi level marketing industry seem to have prospects that chase them begging them to help them become successful?That is because they have positioned themselves as an Alpha leader someone who breathes confidence and takes an authoritative role when talking to their prospects. Now let’s develop the game plan that will have multi level marketing leads call YOU.If you are not generating your own leads online you need to get on the Internet and use an attraction marketing system that will brand YOU as a leader that others will want to follow. If you have no idea on what I’m talking about buy Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring eBook that will go into extreme detail on attraction marketing.Another very unique prospecting method that will have multi level leads ringing your phone off the hook that is very effective yet unknown to most marketers. It’s called mobile ads. Here is what you do…
Buy some Post-It notes and on each one put something like this on there…Part-Time Income
Flexible Schedule/Will Train
Your Phone NumberPlace one hundred notes on high traffic areas each day like gas pumps, ATM machines, DVD rental machines,etc.Now in order to keep your multi level marketing leads from ringing the phone off the hook set up an independent voicemail system, Google Voice, to weed out the serious from the curious. When you post these notes most people are going to think that you are offering a job, so on your voicemail tell them that you are looking for people who have previous experience in marketing, real estate, network marketing, direct sales, traditional sales, or small business owners who are looking to start a business.Then direct these multi level marketing leads to leave their name and phone number so you can follow up with them. Once you have leads coming into your system and begin to call them back say, “Hi, this is Shawn Charles you called my recruiter line and requested more information about what I have to offer. I was calling to make sure this was the right phone number. Did you want me to text you the link to a video presentation or would you prefer me to email the link to you?”If these multi level marketing leads ask you to explain the opportunity to them say, “Shawn, that’s why I created the video. I have a lot of people responding to the ad and unfortunately I can’t spend time with everybody who asks that question. That is what the video is for. I will follow up with you at the appointed time.”

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