Demand Generation Marketing Strategies

Demand generation relates to a multitude of both strategic and practical sales & marketing activities. There are no rules as to which ingredients or sales and marketing strategies best fit a business’ needs and it is often a combination of both judgment and years of experience which allows organizations to formulate the right mix for their sales & marketing development strategy. There are professional demand generation specialist companies whom provide this consultative type service as a means of guiding organizations, and they often play a key role in ensuring that a business is given the right guidance, market intelligence and sales tools – thus being able to implement an extremely effective sales development business process and strategy in line with their clients unique requirements.

Demand generation is a philosophy which comprises the importance of utilizing the right mix of professional sales tools, services and techniques – thus being able to deliver an extremely effective sales business development model and strategy. The whole philosophy is one of which should take a bespoke and methodical approach towards the whole business development sales infrastructure, and should ideally incorporate: strategy, clear objectives, structure & direction, realistic market potential, market positioning, the right marketing mix, promotion, awareness, creating perceptions & expectations, market penetration, lead and appointment generation, potential to achieve market saturation, visibility of your industry and competition, tighter strategic control, business direction and a clear pathway to pole position.

The importance of implementing a water-tight demand generation strategy is critical in ensuring the success for any organisation. Many companies follow generic sales & marketing related routes, however, unless they utilise the right mix of activities, then this can be an expensive process and a major drain on critical company resources. Other benefits with getting the marketing strategy right; will result in an organisation achieving a far higher advantage over their competitors.

A demand generation strategy should have clear objectives and a realistic understanding of its market potential. Also by setting these objectives and strategic targets – this will allow organisations to work more closely together towards achieving company goals.

Lead generation and appointment generation which uses a high level of qualification, is often at the heart of a productive demand generation programme. These activities can often be easily measured as to their effectiveness and direct impact on the growth of the company’s sales visits, market penetration, market awareness, increase in quotations, plus a boost in annual sales revenue and profitability.

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