3 Ways To Make Your Direct Mail Campaigns Pay Off Big

There are a lot of unwritten rules of direct mail that keep business owners struggling to make direct mail work for them. I can tell you from experience that the reason most business owners don’t have success with direct mail is because they don’t have a complete and overall plan for making it work.If this describes you, then know that there are things that you can do to make direct mail work for you – and this is the basis of this article. Inside of this article, I will give you some of my “insider techniques” that I use to make my direct mail campaigns a success. Here’s the first trick for making direct mail work:1) A stampA stamp shows that someone took the time out to physically put the stamp on the envelope – thereby concluding that this is something that may be personal. The goal here is to get your letter opened, and by using a stamp rather than a label, you’ll further accomplish the task of getting your envelope opened. Here’s another tip for using direct in your business.2) Use postcardsWith a postcard, you accomplish part of the task required by regular direct mail. For one, it’s already opened, and for 2, it seems personal. You should even go as far as putting a picture on the postcard that is relevant to what you’re mailing them for.When using postcards, if you’re mailing them to get more sales, lead them to your website or just send them a reminder of your product – which they can call a 1-800 number for.If you’re using them to generate leads, make sure your offer is good, and that you have a 24 hour line where they can leave their name and contact information. Plus if you have a website, lead them there too. Here’s one of the last tips for making direct mail work.3) InkWhen addressing your envelopes, if you’re currently typing your name and your prospect name on the envelope, consider doing something different. Instead, use ink to address the envelope. With your own handwritten address, you’ll be able to improve the credibility of the envelope.If you received an envelope with your name and address written in blue ink, and also the “from” field was in blue ink… would you open it? I more than likely would, because it seems personal and it seems like someone took the time to put their name and my name on the envelope – making it look “friendly”.There are more tips for using direct mail to make your sales soar, but I think for now these 3 tips are all that you need to boost your response rates in a short period of them. If you need help implementing this task, you can either do it yourself (which is what I used to do), or hire someone else to do it. It all depends on your personality and what you’re trying to accomplish in your business.Good luck with making direct mail work for you.

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