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How to Create a $1M Internet Biz Part 3 – Powerful Marketing Strategies

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Taking Drastic Measures
You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.” If we can alter that saying just a little, we can definitely apply it to our plan for marketing to build our million dollar business: “Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures.”
In other words, if you are going to do something as drastic and outlandish as believe that you can create an online business worth over a million dollars, then you will have to make your marketing work overtime. You will be taking drastic measures in your marketing strategies.

You may remember that in our first article, we talked about the necessity of having systems in place so you need not concern yourself with a lot of marketing and selling savvy. And that is still true. But again, we are setting some drastic goals here, so extra steps must be taken. The fact that you will have strong, efficient, well-thought-out systems in place at the outset simply means it puts you just that much further down the road.
Seeing ROI Quickly

The fact is, when you have these kinds of systems in place, it means you will see ROI (return on investment) coming in quickly. You won’t be waiting for months and months just to make your first sale. (Remember too that since you are dealing with high-ticket items, these early sales will be bringing in good-sized chunks of cash!) It will be this early revenue that can finance your drastic and powerful marketing strategies.

The wise business-builder is the one who funnels cash back into the business to build it bigger and bigger! If you simply spend your money as it comes in, you’ll fail to reach your far-reaching goal of having a million dollar internet business.
Marketing Strategies

Let’s look at a few drastic marketing strategies.

Direct mail pieces. You may have thought that direct mail has become extinct considering all the technology available for marketing. The truth is a well-written, well-designed mail piece can garner a lot of interest. Postcards are especially popular since you are not persuading the recipient to open an envelope. Direct mail companies will design, print and mail your piece. And most will have targeted mail lists for sale as well.

Magazine advertising. When working with high-ticket items, you will quickly have enough revenue to invest in an attractive, eye-catching magazine ad. Consider magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine. Keep in mind that unlike a newspaper, magazines are seldom thrown away. Months from now, someone can pick up a copy, read your ad, and log onto your website.

Pay Per Click. You will hear pros and cons regarding pay per click advertising online. This is because when not done correctly, it can waste a lot of money. However, if you simply invest the time to study this advertising venue, you will see that it will be a vital part of your marketing puzzle. Pay per click is available through Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. (Here’s where a mentor’s help is invaluable – helping you to select and purchase your key words.)

Web 2.0. This strange term is very misleading. It certainly doesn’t divulge its true meaning. Web 2.0 simply refers to social networking online. It could include articles, blogs, personal videos, sales pages, backlinks, My Space, and Facebook just to name a few. If your URL appears in all these different networking venues, it won’t be long before exponential exposure will begin to occur. Soon your name, your identity, your persona will be all over the net.

And creating your own special identity through your business will be the message in part four of our series.

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Network Marketing – The Benefits

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The Income Potential

In most occupations there is a rate of pay that goes with it and only a very limited range of earnings within that field. Normally, the only way to increase earnings is to work longer hours. Because there is only a finite time available, there is inevitably a limit on the hours that can be worked and therefore a ceiling on the money that can be earned. Network Marketing works differently. In Network Marketing there is the opportunity to leverage your time by introducing others to the opportunity and showing them how to work effectively. The principal Co then rewards you commensurate with the size (and structure) of the business that you have built; a perfectly logical and ethical remuneration structure. There are no limits on how big you build your team and therefore no limits on how big you build your income.

Passive Income

This is the income that you receive for what you have already put in place, as opposed to being paid in direct proportion to work done. Most occupations pay directly for completing a task. eg. If you want your car washed you agree a price and when the car has been cleaned you pay for it. For both the customer and the supplier that is the transaction completed in its entirety. In contrast to that we can look at a musician who records a song and then gets paid every time someone buys the recording or it gets played on air. There are no limits on how many recordings will sell or for how long these royalty payments will be paid. Network Marketers get paid in a similar way to musicians; they get paid a royalty income each month on the volume of business created by their entire organisation. Clearly there is work to be done to build that organisation in the first place, but once it’s built it will continue to pay indefinitely. This passive income can be permanent and is like indefinite sick pay, holiday pay and ultimately pension. Your successful Network Marketing business will continue to pay you after you have stopped working it.

No Boss

In Network Marketing you are your own boss. You answer to nobody except yourself. Clearly, anyone working in a conventional job has to do what their boss tells them. Most conventional businesses are capital intensive and therefore are often answerable to the bank manager. For many, being their own boss is a major benefit of Network Marketing. This requires self-discipline but the rewards and freedom that go with being disciplined are enormous.

Flexible working hours

You decide how long you work for and when you work. The more hours that are worked, the quicker your business will grow, but the choice is entirely yours. It makes sense in the early days to commit to growing your business as fast as possible to give yourself the freedom that only a passive income can give you. However, how many people have to suffer going to work in their office all week whilst there is glorious sunshine outside to then have some time to themselves at the weekend when it’s raining? In the UK it seems to be a tradition to have rain on bank holidays! Network Marketers can choose what days they work and what days they take off. Network Marketers don’t need to ask for time off to look after their sick child or ask for time off to attend the children’s school sports day or Christmas concert. Network Marketers can take their holidays out of season if they want to miss the crowds or avoid the peak season prices.

Build it alongside current occupation

Because of the total flexibility of Network Marketing you can build your business alongside a job or conventional business. The leverage achieved from team building allows you to build your income to a level where you will then have the choice of continuing to enjoy two incomes or to walk away from your job. A wonderful choice to have! For some, their original occupation is a vocation that they don’t ever want to give up but their Network Marketing business gives them a great deal more income plus a great sense of security in these financially volatile times. For others their Network Marketing business is their route to escaping the rat-race.

No experience or qualifications necessary

Most people are aged sixteen to twenty-one when they make the decisions that lead to the direction that their working life takes. How many can say that they got it exactly right? Because Network Marketing does not require any special qualifications or experience, it allows anybody to change the direction of their career, at any time. The Universities and Colleges are turning out highly qualified people that can not get jobs because they have no working experience. Network Marketing allows anyone to break this vicious circle. With academic qualifications seeming to be a prerequisite for a career in the conventional corporate world, what happens to all the hard working, ambitious intelligent non-academics? Network marketing is a truly equal opportunity open to everyone irrespective of their qualifications, experience, gender, race etc. What is required to succeed in building a Network Marketing business is a good work ethic, integrity, tenacity and a willingness to learn.

Start your own business from scratch

The top 5% of earners usually run their own business; so why doesn’t everyone do it? Most businesses require a substantial investment which requires a huge commitment and is usually a massive risk. The investment required to start most Network Marketing businesses is normally no more than the price of a good night out. The overheads normally associated with a conventional business can be crippling and often results in having to work six days a week just to pay the overheads. The overheads of running a Networking business are next to nothing. To start your own business you also need to have an idea; what business can you start-up and run with the skills, contacts and financial resources that you have at your disposal? Network Marketing is your own business and has so many advantages over a conventional business.

Personal Development

Nobody starts a Network Marketing business for their personal development but it is an inevitable consequence of growing your business. You will develop confidence, business acumen, communication skills and grow in personal stature. This is always good for the individual concerned and hugely rewarding to help others develop in this way.

Choose who you work with

In Network Marketing you choose who you work and spend time with. You are not compelled to work with anyone in your upline or in your team. You choose who you accept as your customers. It is normally advantageous to work closely with the person that introduces you to the business (although not compulsory) so it makes sense to join with someone that you get along with and respect.

Work from home

Having a business that you operate from home has numerous benefits; low/no overheads, flexibility, no commuting, no rush-hour traffic, always available for your family, tax benefits, minimal administration, no set hours. Because of the nature of Network Marketing and working from home there are usually lots of positive incentives like for example luxury holidays and cars to be won/earned. This compares to a normal job environment where the incentives are more often based on putting you under forever increasing pressure. In short; escape the rat-race.

Network Marketing offers so much to everyone that is prepared to look properly at it with an open mind. It can be a life-changing opportunity for those that are prepared to make the effort, and the icing on the cake can be introducing other people to the opportunity and helping them to achieve all these benefits also.

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Stock Market Driving You Crazy? Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio with Truly Self-Directed IRAs

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Not seeing your retirement funds increasing? The volatility of the stock market can make it difficult to determine which stocks and mutual funds will consistently grow your nest egg.

Do you wish there were other options when saving for your future?

There is – a truly self-directed IRA. A truly self-directed IRA allows you to have total control of your retirement investments. That means you can invest in real estate, promissory notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, tax liens, equipment leasing, mobile homes, private placements, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and foreign exchange (forex).

Brian Harris, an investor at self-directed IRA custodian Equity Trust Company, used his self-directed Roth IRA to invest in something he had a passion for, musical instruments. By using your knowledge and expertise you can invest in the assets of your choice in a self-directed IRA and prepare for your future and your family’s future.

Learn to Create Tax-Free Profits for Life with a Self-Directed IRA

Not only do you have more freedom with a self-directed IRA, but self-directed IRAs also provide tremendous tax benefits – including tax-free investment profits. One of an IRA’s greatest features is it allows Americans to enjoy the true power of tax-deferred compounding interest. Compound interest occurs when interest is earned on a principal sum along with any accumulated interest on the sum. In other words, you are earning interest not only on your original investment sum, but also on the interest earned from the original sum.

Compound interest can occur with any investment you make, but the “true” power of compounding interest is obtained when you make an investment in a tax-deferred environment, like an IRA.

By taking advantage of an IRA’s tax-deferred status, you do not have to pay tax immediately on your earnings. Thus, you are able to enjoy the power of compounding on ALL of your profit, not just what is left after taxes.

Investors Have Been Taking Advantage of Self-Directed IRAs for Over 30 Years…You Can Too

Successful investors have been investing in real estate and other assets with their self-directed IRA for more than 34 years. You may not know this opportunity exists because most IRA custodians do not offer truly self-directed IRAs that allow Americans to invest in real estate and other non-traditional investments.

Although it is possible to invest in a wide variety of assets, you should be aware of what investments are not allowed with an IRA. These include: artwork, rugs, antiques, metals, gems, stamps, coins, beverages and certain other tangible personal property. These have been stated by the IRS and cause tax consequences as well as possibly losing your self-directed IRA (please see IRS Publication 590 for more information).

Don’t Rely on Social Security – Start Saving for Your Future Now

According to the 2007 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, Americans are not prepared financially for retirement. The survey also revealed that almost half of workers saving for retirement report total savings and investments (not including the value of their primary residence or any defined benefit plans) of less than $25,000.

Don’t let yourself fall in the category of being unprepared for retirement. And don’t fall victim to thinking stocks and bonds are your only retirement investment options. A self-directed IRA provides freedom to choose investments you are most comfortable with and gives you amazing tax benefits. Now is the time to start investing with a self-directed IRA. The earlier you start, the more you will build for retirement.

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Network Marketing Legal Agreements

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Direct Selling and Network Marketing companies often have long and detailed legal agreements you are expected to sign if you are going to work with their company.

In a backlash similar to criticism of Walmart, smaller companies will sometimes use the size and complexity of distributor agreements as an example of why you should not do business with their big brothers. Clearly, it can be a pain to review the legalese of the company agreement but it is an investment you should make for a number of reasons.

In defense of the company, the larger the direct selling or network marketing company the bigger target they represent. There is an entire culture of lawyers who specialize in fleecing deep pockets. Litigation is expensive and these lawyers know that most large corporations will go to great lengths to avoid it.

These lawyers look for gray areas or ambiguities in agreements and and they are off to the races. They know that if it comes to a misunderstanding or vague agreement a jury is likely to side with John Q. Distributor over Acme MLM, Inc. and in a lotto-mentality they will make some multi-million dollar judgment. Even if the jury sides with Acme MLM, Inc., the costs of defending the case can easily cost hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Additionally, Acme would prefer not to have any bad press since perception is reality.

Ultimately, the goal of the lawyer is not to end up in court litigating, but to leverage Acme to settle out of court for a fat fist full of dollars. So as a matter of self preservation, these direct selling and network marketing companies have their attorneys draft rules of conduct that leave little if any wiggle room. The completeness of these documents make them long and the attorneys admittedly make them seem complicated.

Additionally, these companies spend millions of dollars to craft and maintain an image for their products and have an expectation of a certain integrity and conduct of their distributors. Independent distributors are not employees and the only remedy of Acme is to disenfranchise them. This is a lose/lose for all involved.

As an example, I had a distributor join my opportunity a while back. My company has very specific rules about how product can be displayed and sold. This isn’t some maniacal desire to control distributors, these rules are in place to make sure that the value added of personal consultation and follow-up is provided to each customer. Sure-enough, my guy decided right out of the gate to do the exact opposite and put product out in one of his retail operations, with deeply discounted prices.

Selling product like this is the antithesis of the MLM Direct Selling model and diminishes the experience for potential customers as well as other distributors.

In another case, I got a letter from Acme when a customer complained directly to the corporate headquarters. It was polite and concise, including a quoted paragraphs from the handbook reminding me of my commitment to uphold the high standards of the company. While this was a misunderstanding on the part of the customer and was resolved promptly, it was ultimately the company’s reputation and image being impugned and they needed to act to protect it.

Many distributors join a company without thinking much about the commitment they are making. These agreements are readily available and if challenging to understand the company has representatives who can explain it or you can run it by your attorney just as you should any other serious business decision that required an investment of time and money.

In short, there isn’t anything nefarious in the distributor policies of a large and reputable direct selling and network marketing companies. Sadly, most of the rules there are a result of experiences endured by the company. They are not intended to stifle the efforts of the distributor and you should view them as a sign of a reputable company committed to focusing on business instead of disagreements.

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Self Directed IRA Rollover – Setting Up a Self Directed IRA to Make Your Retirement Golden

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Don’t Make This Small But Costly Mistake

Do you want to make a self directed IRA rollover or would a “transfer” be a better choice? A roll-over or transfer is typically the first step in setting up a self directed IRA. Sometimes, people make a small mistake when conducting this transaction. It’s a small mistake, but it can be very costly.

What’s the difference between a self directed IRA rollover and a transfer? With a roll-over, you are the middle man, so to speak. Here’s what I mean.

You plan on setting up a self directed IRA. So, you contact your current custodian and tell them what you are planning. You haven’t decided which self-directed custodian to choose, yet. So, your current custodian sends you a check.

You Have 60 Days to Complete the Self Directed IRA Rollover

In order for the funds to maintain their tax-exempt or tax-deferred status you have 60 days to complete the rollover. The transaction is reported to the IRS and your new custodian must provide forms for you to attach to your tax returns. Otherwise, the funds will be subject to income taxes.

When you are setting up a self directed IRA with a transfer, the funds are transferred directly from one institution to another. The transaction is not reported to the IRS, so there is no need to file additional forms at tax time. Transfers can be conducted numerous times throughout the year. A roll-over can only be conducted once.

Important Note

Sometimes when you are setting up a self directed IRA, you realize that you’ve made a poor choice. Perhaps the custodian charges unusual fees for the types of investments that you want to make. Maybe you found out that the new company does not offer all of your investment choices.

So, if you decided to switch again and you have already taken a self directed IRA rollover this year, you MUST transfer the funds this time. Otherwise, you’ll end up giving some of your money to the IRS.

Allowable Investments

Under the current tax code, include things like houses, mortgage notes, LLCs, liens, structured settlements and a variety of choices that are particularly interesting to those who are worried about stock performance. We know that CDs, money markets and treasury notes will not keep up with inflation.

The Hidden Real Estate Market

If you’d like to retire wealthy you may want to consider wealthy you may want to consider the “hidden real estate market”. Many new and seasoned investors are using this hassle free way to buy real estate for their self directed IRA accounts and are taking in huge profits. They actually help others at the same time while having guaranteed payments come in to them the first year of ownership. This is worth looking into if you are not familiar with it.

Make Sure You Plan

Before you begin setting up a self directed IRA, you need to investigate the options offered by various custodians, as well as the fees that they charge. Per-transaction fees can be costly. It’s best to sign up with a custodian that charges a flat annual fee and a reasonable set-up fee. Make sure there are no “hidden” charges or you may find a surprise waiting in your quarterly statement.

Consider all of your investment options, as well. There are some unique opportunities in the housing market, right now. The best time to investigate those opportunities is now, while you are planning your self directed IRA rollover. You can retire in style, if you make the right choices.

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