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1 Online And 1 Offline Marketing Tactic That Can Get You More Sales

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Some people like the idea of free marketing, and some don’t. For some people, free marketing is a pain in the butt, and takes forever to work. But it doesn’t have to be like this. I understand that paid advertising is fast, easy, and effective… but what if you don’t have the funds to invest heavily into paid advertising? What if you don’t have any money at all? This where free marketing will have to come into play.

Now the good news is that with every sale generated with free marketing, you earn 100% profits. You should be happy with that. But when starting out, it could be slow to see a steady stream of sales coming in on a daily basis. But with the right mixture of marketing strategies… I’m sure that you can advance the process, and start seeing sales right away.

Today I want to go over some very effective strategies that you can use to start seeing your business build in the right direction. One of the strategies is free, and the other one is paid. But when combined, it can do a lot of good for your website, and for your internet marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the first free strategy that you should use:

1) Video marketing

Now when most people hear about video marketing, the first thing that comes to their mind is YouTube. There’s nothing wrong with that… YouTube is a very heavily trafficked site, and you can reach a lot of people using their website. But it’s very important that you do some inner techniques correctly – so that you can maximize the amount of views to your videos.

First start with a very good video title. People generally like to click on videos that have an exciting title, and a catchy video image. If you don’t know how to edit videos, hire a freelancer to do it for you, or simply use a video recorder/editor that can do the trick for you. One that I like to use is a free software called “Camstudio”.

Create lots and lots of videos. And you don’t have to stop at YouTube. There are other video sites on the web that are very good also. Some are: Dailymotion, Viddler, Metacafe, Vimeo, and more. The more publicity and distribution you get to your video, the more likely you are to have people visit your videos more often. And ultimately… more hits to your website. Here’s a paid strategy that you can use to your advantage:

2) Offline direct mail

Direct mail is VERY effective. But it can also be costly. Most direct mail pros have wasted and thousands of dollars testing various different direct mail campaign, and once they’ve finally discovered their “secret” to making each mailing a success… the sky’s the limit for them.

Direct mail takes a while to get used to, but one form of direct mail that I enjoy is postcard marketing. With postcard marketing, it’s significantly cheaper (you still have to have a good mailing list though), and it’s fun to “hang on” to and read. Most people who receive postcards from people they recognize, they typically keep hold of it.

So if you can match a good marketing message on a postcard to a very targeted prospect (or customer)… you can have a good chance of success with your postcard mailing.

These 2 strategies can be very powerful – but only if you do them correctly. I suggest you use them to your utmost ability today so that you can start seeing some noticeable results in your online business.

Good luck with marketing your website.

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E-Mini Trading: Practical Usage of the Directional Movement Indicator

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In an earlier article, I discussed the component parts of the Directional Movement Indicator (DMI) and their uses in e-mini trading. You may want to refer to that article and familiarize yourself with the parts of the indicator. The ADX indicator is by far the most popular segment of the Directional Moving Indicator; so much so that you often see it utilized as a standalone indicator in e-mini trading. I think that is a mistake, and we will discuss the validity of that statement in this article.

Why is the ADX so popular?

For inexplicable reasons, e-mini traders, especially those who trade in the scalping style like me, go to great lengths in defining and identifying a trending market. For swing trading, longer-term trend identification is essential. However, as e-mini scalpers, I am primarily interested in trends (or directional movement in the market) that are shorter-term in nature. As you might suspect, I do not spend an inordinate amount of time identifying trends. In my world, when the price action is moving upwards for an hour or so the market is bullish, and vice versa for a downward trend. I have plowed through texts that and go through elaborate equations and methodologies to identify a trending market. For me, simple observation is adequate.

On the other hand, one thing that you cannot observe is the strength of a trend. There is no finer tool in my trading arsenal than the ADX segment of the Directional Movement Indicator for determining trend strength. Some general guidelines for measuring trend strength using the ADX are:

If the ADX is rising:

· A reading between 15 and 25 = a possible beginning point of a trend

· A reading between 25 and 45 = trend confirmed

· A reading of 45 or more = an overextended market; be vigilant for a potential trend direction change.

If ADX is declining:

· A reading less than 20 = low volatility and chopped market environment; fairly short market swings, use DMI + and DMI- for trade confirmation

· A reading between 20 and 30 = consolidation-type price movement

· A reading between 30 and 45 = correction from an extreme price level is likely.

I feel that I should point out (and you may have surmised) that the ADX is unidirectional. When the ADX is rising, it indicates that a trend is forming or is already in place. If does not indicate what direction the trend is moving. For example, and upward rally looks exactly like a declining breakdown. When e-mini traders first use the Directional Movement Index and see the line moving upward (appearing like a rally, or upward trend) and the market is in a downward trend they are initially confused. After an adjustment period though, most people make the adjustments in thinking to read the ADX.

On the other hand, the DMI + and DMI – are pretty straightforward; they cross just like any other moving average. When they cross, it is a signal to initiate a long or short trade depending upon whether or not the + or – is on top. No worries there, as even beginning e-mini trader are fairly well aware of how moving averages work.

The two components of the Directional Movement Indicator were designed to work in tandem. A long crossover of the moving averages (the DMI + crossing over the DMI – which would put the DMI + on top) with the ADX reading 30 would indicate a potential trade with the trend and would definitely be an indication, a strong indication, of a good trade to the long side. On the other hand, using the same numbers accept the ADX is declining through the 30 would indicate a far less desirable trade and one could assume that the trend is fading.

As you might surmise, J. Welles Wilder was thinking of a complete trading system in the designing the Directional Movement Indicator. While his intentions were certainly good, the indicator is not particularly accurate for individuals who are e-mini scalpers. There tends to be too many crossovers under certain conditions, especially in choppy markets which will have a e-mini trader trading far too often and taking too many trades, many of which are low probability trades. I use the DMI to filter out undesirable trades. When using the DMI as a filter indicator, you are looking at the ADX and DMI moving averages to see if they are, in fact, in agreement in both timing and direction of the trade you are considering.

In summary, we have taken a brief look at the practical application of the Directional Movement Index and its component parts; the ADX, the DMI -, and the DMI +. I have tried to point out some basic readings on the ADX that can increase your chances of a successful trade. I have pointed out that the indicator is not especially effective for e-mini scalpers because it tends to be a bit whippy. Finally we talked some about how the moving averages cross to indicate a potential trade.

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What Barack Obama Can Teach You About Network Marketing!

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is great example as well for people in business. While I might not agree with the policies that Barack is aiming for, you can not deny his success. In this article, I will break down some of the tactics that Barack Obama leverages for success.

The first lesson that you and I can take from Obama is making a connection with people. Barack truly made is message so simple everyone could understand it. He made sure not to over complicate things. Many marketers create message that even a MIT Scientist couldn’t understand. How can you make a better connection with people? Play to your personality. Show yourself for what you have to offer. People will be open to it!

Barack Obama understands diversification in marketing. He did not rely on just one method to send his message. He was one TV, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Print Ads, Flyers, and the list goes on. Many marketers I see not only have no diversity in their marketing. They have one method and they don’t even do that well! You should do working on AT LEAST 3 methods of marketing!

Barack enters the conversation that is going on in people’s minds! He talked about stuff that people were thinking! When you enter the conversation going on in your prospects mind with your marketing it literally pulls your prospects in! Obama consistently crafted his message to the audience in front of him. If he was speaking to a woman’s group he would tells stories about his single mother growing up. You must do the same thing!

Obama was very clear with the process of action he wanted his audience to take with his message. He told people exactly what he wanted them to do! He had a clear linear path to follow that told people the desired result. I see marketers all the time NOT having a linear easy to follow path in their marketing. Some marketers almost make it difficult to respond to their advertising.

If Barack Obama came become the President of the United States using these methods you can surely improve your marketing if you follow this advice!

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How To Be A Marketing Santa All Year Long

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Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Retailers around the world are hoping to fill their coffers with much needed revenue. Marketing hits a yearly high and consumers are inundated with offers and sales through every marketing medium. By the time the holidays are celebrated we are all on advertisement burnout. At the first of the year we look forward to a respite.

That is what advertising agencies would like us all to believe.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, good marketing strategy is never letting your clients think your products or services are only needed at certain times of the year. Learn how to be a marketing Santa all year long instead.

What do we know about this red suited man who shows up every winter and how can a business emulate him all year long?

Generosity of Spirit:

When I think of Santa I think of generosity of spirit. The man behind the beard brings a certain kindness to the masses. Ever notice how people seem to be a bit nicer and more considerate to one another during the last month of the year? Your business can be known for its generosity of spirit not only by offering new or existing clients special deals throughout the year but it can also show it cares by supporting the local community through fundraisers. Both indicate your business cares.

Generosity of Time:

The white bearded big guy spends all year putting together just the right gifts for everyone. He is tireless in his pursuit of matching these gifts to the recipient. Businesses can do the same by interacting with clients and finding out what it is they want and need to make their lives a wee bit easier and then giving it. Take the time to show your clients they matter and you are listening. If they need something you do not offer, find a way of getting it for them. Join with other companies to form a co-op of sorts where all of you will benefit, including the client. Saving a client time and energy by giving them a one stop shop will increase the bottom line.

Generosity of Happiness:

Ho, ho, ho may be Santa’s signature phrase, but it also shows that he happily exists to give others what they are wanting. Thank your customers frequently. Use direct mail and emails to keep in touch with clients on a consistent basis. Every once in a while offer them something the general public is not privy to. Build customer loyalty programs into your marketing strategies and you will be surprised at the results.

It is never too late to learn how to become a marketing Santa and spread generosity around all year long. What are you waiting for?

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3 Ways To Make Your Direct Mail Campaigns Pay Off Big

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are a lot of unwritten rules of direct mail that keep business owners struggling to make direct mail work for them. I can tell you from experience that the reason most business owners don’t have success with direct mail is because they don’t have a complete and overall plan for making it work.If this describes you, then know that there are things that you can do to make direct mail work for you – and this is the basis of this article. Inside of this article, I will give you some of my “insider techniques” that I use to make my direct mail campaigns a success. Here’s the first trick for making direct mail work:1) A stampA stamp shows that someone took the time out to physically put the stamp on the envelope – thereby concluding that this is something that may be personal. The goal here is to get your letter opened, and by using a stamp rather than a label, you’ll further accomplish the task of getting your envelope opened. Here’s another tip for using direct in your business.2) Use postcardsWith a postcard, you accomplish part of the task required by regular direct mail. For one, it’s already opened, and for 2, it seems personal. You should even go as far as putting a picture on the postcard that is relevant to what you’re mailing them for.When using postcards, if you’re mailing them to get more sales, lead them to your website or just send them a reminder of your product – which they can call a 1-800 number for.If you’re using them to generate leads, make sure your offer is good, and that you have a 24 hour line where they can leave their name and contact information. Plus if you have a website, lead them there too. Here’s one of the last tips for making direct mail work.3) InkWhen addressing your envelopes, if you’re currently typing your name and your prospect name on the envelope, consider doing something different. Instead, use ink to address the envelope. With your own handwritten address, you’ll be able to improve the credibility of the envelope.If you received an envelope with your name and address written in blue ink, and also the “from” field was in blue ink… would you open it? I more than likely would, because it seems personal and it seems like someone took the time to put their name and my name on the envelope – making it look “friendly”.There are more tips for using direct mail to make your sales soar, but I think for now these 3 tips are all that you need to boost your response rates in a short period of them. If you need help implementing this task, you can either do it yourself (which is what I used to do), or hire someone else to do it. It all depends on your personality and what you’re trying to accomplish in your business.Good luck with making direct mail work for you.

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Network Marketing – No It’s Not a Scam

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Although network marketing has been around over 100 years now, I still often hear the question, “Is this a scam?”

Since the introduction of direct sales, other terms have come into the equation. People now use the terms network marketing and multi-level marketing.

This article is not to argue the meanings of the three phrases but rather to combine them for the sake of this article.

The very simplistic definition of network marketing or multi-level marketing is selling products through several lines of sales distributors. In other words, Person A sells some products and finds others to sell the products. Those “others” then follow suit sell some products and find others to sell the products.

In a nutshell, that’s what network marketing is. Companies such as Avon and Watkins have been around since the late 1800′s.

Over the years more and more companies have been created offering a wide variety of product lines to choose from for those wishing to become sales distributors.

There are two reasons that people have begun to wonder if network marketing is legitimate or if it’s a scam.

Network marketing has seen such incredible success for over 100 years that non legitimate business models use the term “network marketing” hoping to attract people into the newest scheme out there. These are not legitimate network marketing companies but instead are shady offerings that will be gone tomorrow. This does not make network marketing a scam, it makes those who lie and steal money scam artists or thieves.

The other thing that has happened is legitimate companies have had the unfortunate task of dealing with distributors who have questionable ethics and business practices. We’ve all read the ads that claim you’ll make millions while you sleep. This is a promise that no one can keep.

The person who responded had expectations to make millions while they slept. They’ve been scammed by an individual, not by a company. I’ve seen many companies remove distributors with unethical business practices. These companies do not wish to mislead or cheat anyone. They are looking for sales distributors who want to sell some products and find others to also sell the products.

If you find a company you think might be legitimate there are a few things you can do. You can check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed. You can also do a web search with the name of the company followed by the word “scam.” You’ll find what people have said about the company. By reading the complaints you’ll know if the complaint is about an individual or the company itself.

Network marketing is not a scam. People are scam artists and will use any means they can to trick you and steal your money. Don’t let these individual people stop you from entering into a business model that’s seen success for over 100 years.

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2 Marketing Strategies That You Can’t Go Wrong With

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you didn’t already know, there are some offline marketing tips that can really blow the lids of your sales and profits. I would know, because I have been using these techniques to make a lot of money in my business, and I’m willing to bet that you would like to get your hands on these strategies so that you can become profitable too.Luckily, I will share some of these techniques in today’s article for you. The first thing that you need to know is that success won’t come overnight. Some of these techniques will drive customers into your store almost immediately, while most of the strategies will take some time because you have to be patient as you get your marketing message out to the world.So what are some of these marketing strategies that I am talking about? Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at a great technique that can improve sales simply and easily everyday.1) Joint venturesJoint venture marketing is a great way to get sales for free. Plus, you can earn a lot of money in the process. If you’re a relatively new business owner, then you should know that your business can be launched via the use of joint ventures. If you want to go down this route, make sure you have pinpointed a similar business in your area, and make sure you write a good proposal letter to get them interested in the deal. Here’s another technique that can improve your sales and profits.2) Direct mailDirect mail has been around for a long time now, but very few people are using it to their advantage. Direct mail is still alive and kicking, and has no intentions of going out of style soon. As long as the post office stays in business, direct mail will be here for the long haul.So how can you use direct mail efficient for you? Well, one of the best ways to use direct mail is to keep in contact with your customer list. If you’re currently not reaching out to your customers using direct mail, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for getting them back into your store to buy from you again.It doesn’t matter what your business is. You too can stand to benefit from direct mail marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brick and mortar store, if you own a practice, or even if you’re a mail order vendor – you all can stand to make money from using direct mail.Even though direct mail is relatively expensive, you can still make money with it. Instead of sending out a letter, consider using a postcard instead. Your postcard should include short tidbits about what it is that you’re trying to sell them, and to get them to take an action of some sort.Hopefully you will use these tips to make more money in your business sooner rather than later. These 2 ideas alone will have you busy for a short while, all while helping you to boost your sales and profits at the same time.Good luck with using these tips to make more money in your business.

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Why Twitter Is Essential in Online Marketing

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

By now, Twitter has become essential as a tool in online marketing, and you should immediately take steps to integrate it into your advertising strategy for your business. Powerful and effective, it can drive the best kind of traffic to your site, the kind of traffic that represents qualified hits, customers arriving for you and you alone. If you make it an integral part of your business, it will bring positive results.A robust tool, there are a number of ways Twitter can be used to advertise your products, your services, and key events and changes in your business. It will take experimentation to determine which strategies work for you, but the time invested will be well worth it as the results you seek gradually arrive. This article will focus on why Twitter is essential in online marketing and how you should get started. First things first, jumpstart your campaign by finding other tweeters that post comments similar to your needs and repost them. For example, if you specialize in custom made surfboards, find a few people that post constantly about surfing and repost their comments. Ideally, those that read your post will follow the link back to your website.Remember to keep the posts relevant to your business and keep your website content updated to provide relevant data for the search engines to index. As a successful social networking site, Twitter has become extremely popular as a means by which friends and family can interact quickly and easily with each other, but the business applications are a little trickier. You can continue your jumpstart by responding to tweets other members have posted that are relevant to your business. Join the conversation and you’ll be surprised how many followers you attract and the traffic that is driven to your website. If someone is talking about fine wine from Napa and you have a wine distributorship, make a relevant comment about the wine they’re discussing.Even without a link, members can visit your profile and click through from there. Constantly build a follower base. When someone visits your brick and mortar store, give them an invitation to follow you on Twitter. Place a flyer in every one of your bags or packages. Twitter has become extraordinarily successful not because it’s unwieldy or complex, but because it’s so simple. Everyone posting or reading is a connection to all of the rest. If you neglect this tool, your web advertising efforts won’t be accomplishing all they can. Together with search engine marketing, directed banner ads, and pay per click; Twitter is an essential tool in online marketing and without it, a great opportunity is squandered.

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Multi Level Marketing Leads That Call You!

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever bought and called expensive multi level marketing leads that had no idea how you got their phone number? Or have you pestered you’re family and friends to death about how awesome your business opportunity is and have no one left to talk to? In this article we are going to give you a step-by-step game plan on how you can get leads to call you.Let’s begin with why you never buy and call generic multi level marketing leads. When you chase after prospects you give them all the power in the conversation. You have to turn the tables around and make your leads want you more than they want you. Have you ever noticed that the top income earners in the multi level marketing industry seem to have prospects that chase them begging them to help them become successful?That is because they have positioned themselves as an Alpha leader someone who breathes confidence and takes an authoritative role when talking to their prospects. Now let’s develop the game plan that will have multi level marketing leads call YOU.If you are not generating your own leads online you need to get on the Internet and use an attraction marketing system that will brand YOU as a leader that others will want to follow. If you have no idea on what I’m talking about buy Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring eBook that will go into extreme detail on attraction marketing.Another very unique prospecting method that will have multi level leads ringing your phone off the hook that is very effective yet unknown to most marketers. It’s called mobile ads. Here is what you do…
Buy some Post-It notes and on each one put something like this on there…Part-Time Income
Flexible Schedule/Will Train
Your Phone NumberPlace one hundred notes on high traffic areas each day like gas pumps, ATM machines, DVD rental machines,etc.Now in order to keep your multi level marketing leads from ringing the phone off the hook set up an independent voicemail system, Google Voice, to weed out the serious from the curious. When you post these notes most people are going to think that you are offering a job, so on your voicemail tell them that you are looking for people who have previous experience in marketing, real estate, network marketing, direct sales, traditional sales, or small business owners who are looking to start a business.Then direct these multi level marketing leads to leave their name and phone number so you can follow up with them. Once you have leads coming into your system and begin to call them back say, “Hi, this is Shawn Charles you called my recruiter line and requested more information about what I have to offer. I was calling to make sure this was the right phone number. Did you want me to text you the link to a video presentation or would you prefer me to email the link to you?”If these multi level marketing leads ask you to explain the opportunity to them say, “Shawn, that’s why I created the video. I have a lot of people responding to the ad and unfortunately I can’t spend time with everybody who asks that question. That is what the video is for. I will follow up with you at the appointed time.”

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B2C Direct Marketing

May 15 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When you want to communicate with potential customers there are two options. You can broadcast a message and hope that potential customers see it. This is how TV ads, radio spots, billboards and magazine advertising work. However broadcasting is a hit and miss affair. Half the time it works well and half the time it doesn’t work at all. The real issue is that it is impossible to work which half your current broadcast falls in to.By aiming a piece of marketing directly at a pre selected consumer (as opposed to broadcasting it to everyone) you are more likely to be successful. Still no guarantees of course, but it stands to reason that if you know something about the person who you are intending to send the marketing piece to, you can use it to your advantage.At its simplest level, knowing someone’s approximate age will tell you if it is worth bothering to communicate with them in the first place. Most people over the age of 45 are very unlikely to buy a new hip hop album so if that is what you are selling, then you would exclude these people from the list of potential customers.That sounds simple, but it is the core of good Business to Consumer (B2C) Direct Marketing. We call the process of choosing which members the public to communicate with, ‘B2C segmentation.’ There is a vast array of data out there and we can rent it to build lists of potential customers.We can segment on almost any factor we can think of. A short list might start with factors such as age, income, gender, class, job title, geographic location, home ownership, whether married or single and whether parent or child free.Then we can look at past buying behaviour. Those nectar cards collect loads of data which the owners rent to marketers looking for particular potential customers.For example, if you are trying to bring a new chocolate bar to the market, you might want to segment your list to give you a group who can be classed as ‘regular purchasers of chocolate bars’.When all goes well, you should record who actually buys from you and what they buy. Next time you can look for patterns in your actual consumers and when building new lists you will be even more accurate. B2C segmentation relies on learning from previous experience to be really effective.So, having covered the basics of segmentation, you are probably eager to send something. But, what should you send? A flyer? A letter? An email? Well, the topic of choosing the right medium for Direct Marketing is a whole different article in its own right.

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